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TBC Model 10 
Test Kit 
TBC Equipment

TBC Model 10 / Rapid Test for Total Bacteria Count using the Podzus Method
The Podzus method is a validated 15-minute test for on-site measurement of catalase activity to provide a quantitative determination and examination of the total bacteria count in samples mixed with water.

The determination of catalase activity of microorganisms of unknown composition can be expediently applied using our method for rapid estimation of bacterial load in aqueous solutions. It is consistent with the Plate Count procedure with ubiquitously occurring microorganisms and documents the change of germ content.

The strength of our system is based on microorganism quantification with simultaneous efficiency test for the used biocide. It determines the actual current total bioburden of the living organism and does not provide any historical values, as is the case when the Plate Count or Dip Slide procedure is used.

The Podzus method only needs 15 minutes to determine the total germ count. The handy measuring device can be used on-site without any problems.

The complete device was developed and produced in Switzerland. The stable aluminium case protects the device when it is being used. The TBC Model 10 can be operated using a 9-volt battery or using a power socket (240 volt). The device comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Test Kit
One test kit is enough for 50 samples. The composition of a kit can be different as these are specifically adjusted to the samples (media) that is to be analyzed in order to rule out any measuring errors.

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